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LearnEnglishBest / Сказки / The King and the Painter - Король и художник [ сказка ]

There was a king who thought he could paint very well. His pictures were bad but the people to whom he showed them were afraid to tell the truth. They all said that his pictures were wonderful and they liked them very much.

One day the king showed his pictures to a great painter who lived in that country and said, "I'd like to know what you think of my pictures. Do you like them?" The painter looked at the king's pictures and said, "My King, I believe that your pictures are bad and you will never be a good artist."

The king got very angry and sent the painter to prison. Two years had passed and the king wanted to see the painter again.

"I was angry with you," he said, "because you didn't like my pictures. Now, let's forget about it. You are a free man again and I am your friend." For many hours the king talked with the painter and even invited him to dinner: The dinner was wonderful. And they enjoyed it very much. After dinner the king showed his pictures to the painter again and asked, "Well, how do you like them now?" The painter was about to answer but then he turned to a soldier who was standing near them and said: "Take me back to prison."

truth - правда, истина
artist - художник
to paint - рисовать
to invite - приглашать
prison - тюрьма
to send to prison - посадить в тюрьму
to enjoy - наслаждаться, получать удовольствие

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    5 тестов скорости!

    A funny song by Bryant Oden

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