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LearnEnglishBest / Грамматика / Применение Some and any Some/any + -one/-body/-thing/-where

Применение Some and any Some/any + -one/-body/-thing/-where

a. Обычно some применяют в утвердительном предложении, а any - в отрицательном и в вопросах (но обратите внимание на пункты b и d):

  • Sue has caught some flies. - We haven't got any money.
  • I've got something tasty to eat. - He's busy. He never has any time.
  • Let's go somewhere quiet. - She never goes anywhere.
  • She refused to do anything.

b. Any / anyone / anything и т.д. часто используются после if:

  • If there are any calls for me, can you say that I'm not home?
  • If anyone has any questions, ask now.
  • If you want anything, say it to the servant, he'll do everything.

в предложениях без if, но смысл в них тот же:

  • Anyone who wants to get this job must give me their names before Tuesday. (= if there is anyone who ...)
  • I'll welcome any guests that will come to you. (= if there are any)

с. В вопросительных предложениях обычно употребляется местоимение any (а не `some'):

  • Have you got any coffee? - Has anybody called me?

Но some часто используется в вопросах, когда ожидаемым ответом является yes:

  • What's wrong with him? Has he got some troubles? (= I think he has got some troubles and I expect you to say `yes')
  • She's in a hurry. Is she going out somewhere? (= She's looking miserable. Isn't she going out anywhere?)

и в вопросах, особенно когда мы предлагаем или просим о чём-либо:

  • Would you like some work? - Can I have some of those vegetables?

d. Any /anyone /anybody /anything /anywhere могут означать it doesn't matter which /who /what /where:

  • You can buy any of these suits. (=неважно который из этих костюмов)
  • Call me any time you need. (=неважно когда)
  • You can have anything you want for your birthday present.
  • She left the child in the street. Anybody could have walked off with it.
  • I'd rather go anywhere than stay at home.
  • Tell me a story. What story shall I tell? Any one. I don't mind.

e. Someone /somebody /anyone /anybody используются, как слова в единственном числе:

  • Someone wants to talk with you.
  • Is anybody home?

Но часто they / them / their используются после этих слов вместо he / she:

  • If anyone needs to leave , they can. (= he or she can)
  • Somebody has spilt their (= his or her) coffee on the carpet.

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