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LearnEnglishBest / Сказки / Сказка A Japanese Legend - Японская легенда

Once upon a time a poor old peasant was cutting in the forest on a mountain side when he found a spring of cool water. He drank a little water from it, as it was a hot day and he was thirsty. The water was wonderfully refreshing. Then he saw his face in the water and was surprised to find that he had suddenly grown young. The wrinkles had all gone from his face, his eyes were clear, and his head, which a moment ago had been bald, was covered with thick black hair. As he rose to his feet, he felt the strength of a young man in his body. In great joy the peasant ran down the mountain side to tell the news to his wife. When he ran into the little cottage, his wife could not recognize him, so changed was he from the old man he had been in the morning when she saw him last. He told his wife that he was really her husband. When she realized that a wonderful spring had changed her old husband into a young man she began to cry, because she was afraid that such a handsome young man would not love a weak old woman.

"But you must drink this wonderful water too," he cried. "Well both be young: I can easily show you the spring. Go there at once, while I remain to guard the cottage."

An hour passed, two hours, a long time, but the woman did not return.

"What is the matter with her?" he thought.

At last the man went to her. He found the spring, but his wife was not there. He loudly called her name, but he received no answer. Suddenly he heard pitiful yells from under the bush. He looked in the direction of the sound and saw a baby girl, crying bitterly. The poor woman in her eagerness had drunk too much water!

joy - радость
spring - источник воды, родник, весна
grow young - стать молодым человеком
wrinkle - морщина
side - сторона, бок
weak - слабый
refreshing - освежающая
bald - лысый
strength - сила
realize - осознать
recognize - узнавать, расползновать
both - оба
remain - остаться
to guard - охранять
pitiful yell - жалобный крик
in the direction - в направлении
eagerness - жажда (что-то сделать)
bitterly - горько
sound - звук

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    5 тестов скорости!

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