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Тест словарного запаса
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LearnEnglishBest / Разговорник английского языка / Более 1000 наиболее распространенных устойчивых выражений и идиом в английском языке

Ниже приведен список из 1157 наиболее устойчивых выражений и идиом в английском языке. Знание выражений из этого списка значительно облегчают перевод текстов. Данный список является полезным инструментом для более производительного обучения языку.

Список был составлен для студентов 3-го уровня программы Broad Sky Alternative Language Academy. Этот перечень никоим образом не следует рассматривать как полный список идиом и устойчивых выражений, тем не менее, он является базовым и вспомогательным инструментом, который облегчает работу с языком. Нужно иметь ввиду, что выражения для некоторых американских идиом, в отличие от британских, могут быть переведены несколько в ином смысле, но общая мысль будет одна.

При работе со списком нужно иметь ввиду, что для большинства фраз есть несколько способов сказать то же самое другими словами. Как известно, предлоги играют в английском языке исключительно важную роль, в связи с тем, что в английском языке почти отсутствуют падежные окончания. Предлоги выражают отношение существительного (или местоимения) к другим словам в предложении. Предлоги выражают разнообразные отношения – пространственные, временные, причинные и др. В русском языке эти отношения выражаются не одними предлогами, а предлогами и падежными окончаниями, в английском же языке эти отношения выражаются только предлогами, поскольку существительные в общем падеже, с которыми они сочетаются не имеют специальных окончаний.

Итак, без дальнейших церемоний, мы просим начать использовать этот список в вашей работе и учебе. Мы (Broad Sky Alternative Language Academy) гарантируем, что если вы знаете более трети выражений из этого списка - ваш английский находится на третьем уровне (по градации школы BSALA, прим. Learnenglishbest). Безусловно, это высокий результат и вы имеете большое и глубокое понимание английского языка.

  1. during the day
  2. at night
  3. in the meantime
  4. in the next few…+NOUN
  5. for the time being
  6. a remote chance
  7. It’s not likely that…
  8. to quit a job…
  9. to remember to+INF
  10. to forget to+INF
  11. for the most part
  12. many years ago
  13. It’s been a long time since…
  14. In my opinion…
  15. Under/given the circumstances…
  16. I’m taken aback that…
  17. To get the bill
  18. To take responsibility for…
  19. At full speed
  20. To take one’s time + gerund
  21. To get/be accustomed/used to…
  22. For the sake of…
  23. In order to…
  24. To hurry up and…
  25. To speed up
  26. To slow down
  27. To have money saved up
  28. To be bored out of one’s mind
  29. Out in the open
  30. In secret
  31. To be sure/certain of…
  32. Wide open
  33. Shut tight
  34. The fact that…
  35. To say the least
  36. Watch out (for)!
  37. To be in trouble (with smb.)
  38. Sorry to bother/trouble you, but…
  39. Would you mind if…?
  40. To go wrong
  41. Go away!
  42. Let’s get going
  43. To be short/missing a…
  44. Something is missing (from)
  45. To be mistaken about…
  46. In the middle of the night
  47. Let’s check it out
  48. To make sure that…
  49. To be taken by surprise
  50. To strongly disagree
  51. To decide between (2 choices)
  52. To make up one’s mind (about)
  53. To have plans (for)
  54. It isn’t worth it!
  55. It’s not worth the trouble (of/to+gerund)
  56. To take part in smth.
  57. To have trouble+gerund
  58. On the way to…
  59. To have time for smth.
  60. For free
  61. To my amazement…
  62. To keep in mind that…
  63. To relate to/with smb.
  64. To keep smth.+adj.
  65. To have a hunch that…
  66. I can’t help (doing it)
  67. To keep sthg up to date
  68. To have feelings for
  69. To keep smb. Informed (of smth.)
  70. To keep under control
  71. To keep track of…
  72. For just a+time word
  73. To show up for…
  74. To show up early/late
  75. To have a knack for…
  76. To be partial to…
  77. To do away with…
  78. For example
  79. To go over smtg (fig)
  80. To manage to…
  81. To take note of…
  82. To take notice of…
  83. To make up for smth.
  84. To put stock in…
  85. To save up (for)
  86. At the time, I…
  87. (that was)back when…
  88. Back then,…
  89. For the record,…
  90. For as long as I can remember,…
  91. To lose sleep over…
  92. For what it’s worth,…
  93. Oh, come on!
  94. I’m just kidding!
  95. To be right/wrong about
  96. Tit for tat/an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
  97. To have a strong need for…
  98. To be nervous about…
  99. To be jealous of…
  100. To be in doubt of…
  101. If I were you, I…
  102. If I were in your shoes, I…
  103. It bothers me that…
  104. To no end
  105. To get involved with…
  106. To meddle in smb’s business/affairs
  107. Something else
  108. Somewhere else
  109. Someone else
  110. Something more
  111. To be a good deal ($)
  112. A good deal of...(part.)
  113. To be a good idea
  114. To be disgusted with/by…
  115. To be interested in…
  116. Enough+noun
  117. Enough of+(part.)
  118. Adj+enough
  119. To worry about smth.
  120. To be concerned with…
  121. To take smth into consideration
  122. To withhold information
  123. To reach an understanding (of)
  124. To reach/come to an agreement
  125. To come to the conclusion that…
  126. To strike a compromise
  127. To make friends with…
  128. To stand for…
  129. To stand up against…
  130. Once in a while
  131. To start to+gerund
  132. To stop quit+gerund
  133. To be good for+gerund
  134. To be qualified to...
  135. To go well with…
  136. To snack on smth.
  137. To get ready for…
  138. With all one’s might
  139. To lose track of…
  140. To be afraid of…
  141. Out of+emotion
  142. To have a taste for…
  143. Lack of…+NOUN
  144. Tendency for/towards/to
  145. To sort out…
  146. Behind smb’s back
  147. Without warning
  148. For fun
  149. To look up to smb.
  150. To look down on smb.
  151. To frown upon smth.
  152. To turn on
  153. To turn off
  154. To get away with smth.
  155. In all honesty,…
  156. To tell the truth
  157. To tell a lie
  158. To brag about…
  159. To talk trash about smb.
  160. To help out with smth.
  161. To give comfort to
  162. To mistake smth/sby for
  163. Concrete details
  164. To be uncomfortable with smth.
  165. To hint at smth.
  166. To be annoyed by smth.
  167. To save the best for last
  168. First of all…
  169. In the future
  170. In the past
  171. Right now
  172. The past few+time word
  173. To change one’s mind
  174. To switch+NOUN+with smb.
  175. To advise against smth.
  176. To give good/bad advice
  177. A detailed explanation
  178. I bet that…
  179. The kind of thing that…
  180. As an example of…
  181. An (un)biased opinion about…
  182. A beautiful view (of)
  183. To turn/hand in...
  184. Current events
  185. It all happened so suddenly…
  186. To bring about…
  187. To catch up with…
  188. To ask for help
  189. To make a sound
  190. To be located in/at/etc
  191. A change of+NOUN
  192. To find out about…
  193. To leave for+NOUN
  194. In memory of…
  195. Before long
  196. To get ripped off (by)
  197. To go for a ride
  198. To go for a walk
  199. Why don’t we…
  200. To get ahead (fig)
  201. To get ahead of one’s self (fig)
  202. To be running ahead/behind (at)
  203. I used to…+INF
  204. To fall apart
  205. To fall off
  206. In denial
  207. To get a second chance
  208. To hold one’s breath
  209. One more time/once more
  210. To beg for
  211. It goes without saying that…
  212. Out of breath
  213. You’re gonna make it
  214. Rest assured that…
  215. To get hold of smth.
  216. To do one’s duty
  217. In pain
  218. To lead astray
  219. To have a head/stomach ache
  220. Spare change
  221. Pocket money
  222. To take a break/rest
  223. Time to kill
  224. To look like+NOUN
  225. In mint condition
  226. In good/bad condition
  227. In power
  228. To rise to power
  229. To get a raise ($)
  230. The sun comes up/goes down
  231. To have/get a flat tire
  232. To break up with smb.
  233. To take off (clothing)
  234. To put on
  235. Down on one’s luck
  236. To wake up
  237. To fall asleep
  238. To have no idea about
  239. To talk smb out of smth.
  240. It makes (no) sense
  241. To say goodbye
  242. The right/wrong way
  243. It’s for the best that…
  244. Some day
  245. To be enough/not enough
  246. Here’s to…(toast)
  247. To leave behind
  248. You had better
  249. To pack one’s bags
  250. To take forever (at)
  251. It seems like…
  252. To take notes
  253. To come for a visit
  254. To take pictures
  255. To make music
  256. First things first…
  257. To run into smth.
  258. To give in (to)
  259. To have a hangover
  260. Under one’s breath
  261. To smell like+NOUN
  262. To scream/yell at smb.
  263. Every minute/moment
  264. Every day/week/month
  265. Once/twice per+TIME
  266. Right before one’s eyes
  267. To act as if…
  268. To be happy/pleased with/about…
  269. Otherwise,…
  270. Off-road
  271. To get/turn off (of)
  272. To be related to…
  273. To have a good memory
  274. A sense of…
  275. Hard/easy to find
  276. In jail/in prison
  277. To make progress (with)
  278. To get lost
  279. No more/anymore
  280. To slip and fall (on)
  281. To work on
  282. To find one’s way
  283. On the weekend
  284. To have/take a sick day
  285. No time for…
  286. In/out of touch with…
  287. To lose control of…
  288. Out of reach
  289. Within reach
  290. To spend the+TIME(+doing smth.)
  291. To be in luck
  292. A table for#
  293. To take it easy
  294. To feel wronged
  295. To come/stop by (at)
  296. To pass through (smwr.)
  297. A friend of mine/his/etc
  298. One of my…
  299. A little
  300. A lot
  301. In pieces
  302. On the mend
  303. To return the favor
  304. To do a favor for
  305. Within range
  306. Out of the area
  307. Small town
  308. Big city
  309. To run up (a bill/tab)
  310. To get over+NOUN
  311. Few and far between
  312. To look into smth. (fig)
  313. To feel sorry for…
  314. To pretend to+INF
  315. To let go of smth. (lit/fig)
  316. To feel sorry for…
  317. To have fun+gerund
  318. To have a good/bad time
  319. Good night!
  320. To wish someone well
  321. To set free
  322. Let go!
  323. Call me+adj. (e.g. crazy)
  324. Scared to death
  325. To go crazy
  326. To have a problem with…
  327. To take turns (at)or(+gerund)
  328. The rest of…
  329. To go for a hike
  330. All night long
  331. To try to+INF
  332. To be confused about
  333. There’s a chance that…
  334. This is between (you and me)/(him and her)
  335. How come…
  336. To make a fuss over…
  337. To know about
  338. To know how to…
  339. By any means necessary
  340. In debt/indebted to
  341. A pile of…
  342. To make good money
  343. All over/around town
  344. Out of town
  345. To take smth. Seriously
  346. At face value
  347. By law
  348. According to…
  349. To put up with smth.
  350. To deal with
  351. To make clear
  352. In bed
  353. At the table
  354. To trust in smb.
  355. Topic of conversation
  356. To have faith in…
  357. To take effect
  358. To sign up for…
  359. In connection with
  360. To come across as…
  361. To get a point across
  362. To be ignorant of…
  363. In the aftermath of…
  364. For no reason
  365. To crash into…
  366. To get into an accident
  367. In an emergency
  368. To have/get the feeling that…
  369. To have the courage to…
  370. To go on a date (with)
  371. A wide variety of…
  372. To be married engaged to
  373. It’s common sense
  374. To keep a secret
  375. To be in conflict with…
  376. Compared to/with…
  377. To stop for…
  378. On the side of the road
  379. To feel threatened (by)
  380. To score a goal (sports)
  381. To apply for a job
  382. Really?
  383. Out for lunch/dinner
  384. To fall in love with…
  385. In alphabetical order
  386. To fail at+gerund
  387. It sounds good/bad
  388. A turn for the worse
  389. To make a difference(in)
  390. To finish+gerund
  391. To succeed at…
  392. To be kicked out of…
  393. To be good/bad at…
  394. To be based on…
  395. To refrain from…
  396. In the way of…
  397. To be ashamed of…
  398. To be embarrassed by…
  399. In/out of fashion/style
  400. To take over+NOUN
  401. In that case,…
  402. In the event that…
  403. A long way to go
  404. To sing to smb.
  405. To think about
  406. Not quite as+adj.+as…
  407. In silence
  408. In compliance with…
  409. To take care of…
  410. To be impressed with/by
  411. To take advantage of…
  412. On a diet
  413. To be homesick
  414. Frozen/fresh food
  415. On ice
  416. On tap
  417. To hope for…
  418. To give credit to…
  419. To disobey orders
  420. As usual
  421. To allow smb. To
  422. To put/place emphasis on…
  423. For dinner/for breakfast
  424. The cause for
  425. A strange turn of events
  426. To make known that…
  427. To work as a team
  428. To insist on+gerund
  429. Plenty of…
  430. At midnight
  431. At noon
  432. To be close/nearby
  433. To offer a solution
  434. To travel the world
  435. To check for…
  436. That’s what I thought
  437. To be cut off (from)
  438. To be prejudiced toward
  439. In favor of…
  440. More or less
  441. Too much+NOUN
  442. With care
  443. I guess/suppose that…
  444. Up to…#amount(time, $, etc)
  445. It’s up to you
  446. When it comes to,…
  447. To show weakness/strength
  448. To give credit to…
  449. To take credit for…
  450. To be aware of…
  451. To drive smb crazy
  452. Under stress
  453. It doesn’t matter that…
  454. To take offense (at)
  455. To have the courage to…
  456. To come to the rescue of smb.
  457. On purpose
  458. To do the right/wrong thing
  459. To make a decision
  460. To see what happens
  461. To talk at great length about
  462. To raise/lower taxes/prices/etc.
  463. To pay attention to…
  464. For the benefit of…
  465. In the short/long term
  466. In harm’s way
  467. As a matter of fact
  468. In demand
  469. A shortage of…
  470. To take the blame for…
  471. To suffer the consequences for…
  472. To be attracted to…
  473. The whole story/picture
  474. To be drawn toward/to
  475. To give someone the benefit of the doubt
  476. To be of assistance (to)
  477. With the exception of…
  478. To take place
  479. To take sides (with)
  480. For profit
  481. To give smth a try
  482. You don’t get it…
  483. To go blind
  484. To turn a blind eye to…
  485. To the best of my knowledge,…
  486. To a certain degree/extent
  487. To go bankrupt
  488. Without a doubt
  489. To believe in smth.
  490. To focus on smth.
  491. To be crazy about smth.
  492. To handle smth well/badly (emotional)
  493. In a bind
  494. To put into question
  495. To get dressed
  496. To put on
  497. To take off
  498. Paralyzed with fear
  499. For the good of…
  500. For the greater good
  501. It will do you some good (to)
  502. To be in a rage
  503. To get worked up (about)
  504. To confused smth with smth else
  505. To trip over smth.
  506. In/out of line (with)
  507. Sense of decency
  508. Right to privacy
  509. Under attack
  510. To take inventory (of)
  511. To make a list (of)
  512. To be charged with
  513. To be (found) guilty (of)
  514. To put in jail/prison
  515. To be in charge (of)
  516. To take charge (of)
  517. To sentence smb to…
  518. Life in prison
  519. The death penalty
  520. To be acquitted (of)
  521. To face facts
  522. To be ignorant of...
  523. The reality (of the situation) is…
  524. What about…?
  525. Who is to blame (for)?
  526. At fault (for)
  527. At risk (of)
  528. To look out over…
  529. To dream of/about…
  530. To sympathize with…
  531. To take a liking to…
  532. To have a (firm) grasp of…
  533. Never again
  534. To take it easy
  535. To take it slow
  536. Once again,…
  537. For lack of better words,…
  538. To play along with…
  539. To show one’s true colors…
  540. …,at best,…
  541. (to put) on the air (radio)
  542. to settle a/the matter
  543. once and for all
  544. to decline an invitation
  545. to accept an invitation
  546. to refuse to+gerund
  547. to live up to smth.
  548. To make smth better/worse
  549. To leave smth alone
  550. Drop it! (lit&fig)
  551. The damage is done
  552. To be in/out of luck
  553. Fame and fortune
  554. To have high/low expectations (for)
  555. Regarding X matter,…
    to put a dent in smth.
  556. to barely/hardly be able to do smth.
  557. To nearly/almost do something
  558. To carry smth out
  559. To put into action
  560. In effect
  561. To draw attention to…
  562. To admit defeat
  563. To save/lose face
  564. To keep in touch with smb.
  565. To be out of touch with reality
  566. Qualities in+NOUN
  567. (To use an) approach to…
  568. To fill in the blank(s)
  569. To fill up the tank
  570. To run on empty
  571. Because of+NOUN
  572. To have an eye/ear for smth.
  573. To take a shot at smth.
  574. Without regard for…
  575. Difference of opinion
  576. Conflict of interests
  577. To be attentive to details
  578. For sale
  579. For rent
  580. In/out of use
  581. To feel inferior to…
  582. At the moment,…
  583. Living situation
  584. At war with
  585. What to…+INF
  586. In/out of focus
  587. In need of…
  588. The ability to…
  589. To move on (from)
  590. It’s a matter of+NOUN
  591. In/out of shape
  592. To stay in shape
  593. To be accepted to/at
  594. To resist temptation
  595. Sometimes I wonder,…
  596. To live in fear of…
  597. There’s no reason that…
  598. To assert authority
  599. To have authority over…
  600. It’s not a big deal if…
  601. Full-time job
  602. Part-time job
  603. To interview for a job
  604. To be represented by
  605. To be a symbol of…
  606. To compare smth with
  607. To agree on an issue
  608. To go on a trip
  609. To see the best in…
  610. To give in to (pressure)
  611. Under pressure
  612. For the rest of the+TIME
  613. To go abroad
  614. A change of plans
  615. In the military
  616. In a good/bad mood
  617. To work for+NOUN
  618. To get inspiration from…
  619. To make a recording (of)
  620. To end up+gerund
  621. To wish/hope for…
  622. To push for smth.
  623. To face adversity
  624. Hearing loss
  625. To make smth official
  626. Proportionate to…
  627. To escape unharmed
  628. To get away from…
  629. Over my dead body!
  630. To have good standing (in)
  631. To get a loan (from)
  632. By the time…
  633. To keep a secret
  634. To test one’s luck
  635. To be available for
  636. On guard for…
  637. At least
  638. At the spur of the moment
  639. On the spot
  640. Disregard for…
  641. Take-out food
  642. To work through a problem
  643. Up for grabs
  644. On a (adj.) basis
  645. Only on the condition that…
  646. To put effort into smth.
  647. a+NOUN+like that
  648. Not only,…but also…
  649. On its own merit
  650. Out with the old, in with the new
  651. To be compensated for
  652. To spend the night (at)
  653. To stay with smb.
  654. To be such a...
  655. To make smth a priority
  656. To give a speech (about)
  657. To have an impact (on)
  658. To render smb. speechless
  659. A shining example of...
  660. To meet in the middle (fig.)
  661. Set in one’s ways
  662. To right a wrong
  663. To get even with smb.
  664. One thing left to do
  665. Out of+NOUN (lack)
  666. To refresh one’s memory
  667. To turn up/down the volume
  668. A wide variety of…
  669. You don’t belong here!
  670. To bring back to life
  671. At a high/low point
  672. On one’s own
  673. For personal gain
  674. To come to the surface
  675. For life
  676. For good (final)
  677. Banned+NOUN
  678. To starve to death
  679. Dying of thirst
  680. To take an exam
  681. To pass a/the test
  682. To stay in school
  683. Per hour
  684. Per day
  685. By the week
  686. By the month
  687. To vanish without a trace
  688. To be prone to…
  689. Too ADJ+for one’s own good
  690. To see the point in…
  691. The point of smth.
  692. A firm believer in…
  693. To set a good example
  694. To set smth in stone
  695. A change of heart
  696. To get a foot one’s foot in the door (fig.)
  697. To feel dizzy
  698. To feel drowsy
  699. At sea
  700. On land
  701. To get sea-sick
  702. Up in the air
  703. To have second thoughts about smth.
  704. To breathe a sigh of relief (about)
  705. To gasp for air
  706. To take the lead (in)
  707. To lead smb on
  708. To not know any better
  709. Right now
  710. Just a minute ago
  711. …as hard as one can…
  712. to enjoy+GERUND
  713. On vacation
  714. To be busy doing smth.
  715. It’s up to you…
  716. To drive over/under the speed limit
  717. To get pulled over by the police
  718. To get arrested (by)
  719. To not have a penny to one’s name
  720. To stay awake
  721. To stay up late
  722. To get up early
  723. On time
  724. To hold the door (for)
  725. In anticipation of…
  726. What do you make of this?
  727. One of life’s lessons
  728. One step at a time
  729. All at once
  730. Little by little
  731. At a glance
  732. At first glance
  733. To make excuses (for)
  734. To show respect (for)
  735. In the mail
  736. To put to the side
  737. On the side
  738. To have good/bad manners
  739. To mind one’s own business (about)
  740. A preconceived notion (about)
  741. …before it’s too late…
  742. to see/recognize a pattern/trend
  743. to be in chaos
  744. to bring order to…
  745. to trouble smb. for smth.
  746. To agree to do smth.
  747. To go back on one’s word (about)
  748. To turn someone in (THE LAW)
  749. Law and order
  750. To keep the peace
  751. To become obvious that…
  752. To wish smth. on smb.
  753. To have legal troubles
  754. To be held responsible (for)
  755. To be a big fan (of)
  756. To convince smb of…
  757. In the streets
  758. Out in the cold
  759. In the sun
  760. In the shade
  761. In the snow
  762. What is going on?
  763. In traffic/in a traffic jam
  764. To get a ride to…(work)
  765. Who knows?
  766. To get on/off (pub trans)
  767. To take time off (work)
  768. Leave of absence
  769. On call
  770. To tie one’s shoes
  771. All the way to…
  772. The whole time...
  773. To be missing
  774. An attempt at+gerund
  775. Figure of speech
  776. To take pride in…
  777. To be proud of…
  778. To manage to do smth.
  779. A good night’s sleep
  780. A night of drinking
  781. To be up all night
  782. A hard day’s work
  783. To find out for one’s self (about)
  784. To find out that…
  785. To be far along (with)
  786. A bundle of…
  787. To sympathize with
  788. To go shopping (for)
  789. To go hunting (for)
  790. To go fishing (for)
  791. to need a break (from)
  792. I can’t tell if/whether…
  793. To be obsessed with…
  794. The idea/notion that…
  795. To show one’s appreciation (for)
  796. To be skilled at/in…
  797. To be trained for/at…
  798. To be thankful for…
  799. To be obedient to (authority)
  800. To be confused about…
  801. To be out of breath
  802. To condemn smb for…
  803. To say harsh words to…
  804. To bite the bullet and…
  805. A snide remark
  806. To increase productivity
  807. An unlikely scenario
  808. To have free time
  809. To surrender to smth.
  810. In memory of…
  811. To be getting late
  812. To be getting cold
  813. To warm up
  814. To cool down/off
  815. To be freezing
  816. To have hard feelings about smth.
  817. To breed contempt
  818. To have contempt for…
  819. All things considered
  820. To be better off+gerund
  821. To commit a crime
  822. To swear an oath (to)
  823. To keep/break a promise
  824. A means to do smth.
  825. To come up with the money (for)
  826. to feel like doing smth.
  827. A misguided effort (to)
  828. To keep a clean house
  829. To be brutally honest
  830. To hurt smb’s feelings
  831. Apology accepted!
  832. To drag one’s feet (fig)
  833. Out and about
  834. Never mind!
  835. To complain about smth.
  836. At odds with smb.
  837. To beat the odds
  838. On the coast
  839. To go through customs
  840. To make drama (about)
  841. A healthy environment
  842. To protect the environment
  843. To calm down (about)
  844. To consider every possibility
  845. To calm one’s nerves
  846. To be satisfied with…
  847. To conduct an interview
  848. To take smth for granted
  849. To be amused by smth.
  850. …to no end…
  851. Back and forth
  852. To no end
  853. To let smth happen
  854. To get over smth.
  855. To stand in the way of progress
  856. Work in progress
  857. In the process of…
  858. In the middle of…
  859. To remind smb of smth.
  860. A particular place and time
  861. To come to the aid/assistance of
  862. To come to the rescue
  863. To refresh one’s memory
  864. A lack of common sense
  865. Due to…
  866. To make a good/bad impression on smb.
  867. Compared to/in comparison with…
  868. To have an advantage over smb.
  869. A first impression of…
  870. To have power over…
  871. In public
  872. To get in the way (of)
  873. To take shots (alcohol)
  874. To be certain of smth.
  875. To admit fault
  876. To have a fight (with)
  877. To hold smth against smb.
  878. To treat smb/smth like…
  879. To be different from…
  880. Thanks to…
  881. Because of…
  882. To take a nap…
  883. On top of…
  884. to wait in line (for)
  885. over and over (again)
  886. It’s a tie!
  887. To have the right of way
  888. On the fence (fig)
  889. In search/pursuit of…
  890. In the past
  891. In the present day and age
  892. To prove a point
  893. To prove one’s worth
  894. It’s a case of…
  895. The right amount
  896. It is beyond all understanding why…
  897. Full of…
  898. Just in time for…
  899. To pick smb up (from)
  900. To hand in (home)work
  901. To hand smth out
  902. To do chores
  903. To shoot at smb/smth.
  904. To be in a hurry
  905. To yell/scream at smb.
  906. Out loud
  907. To let out a noise (sigh/laugh/scream/etc)
  908. To knock on a door
  909. To keep smth/smb in mind
  910. A waste of time
  911. To know how to+INF
  912. To spy on smb.
  913. To shed light on smth. (fig.)
  914. How often…?
  915. To demand restitution
  916. In court
  917. On trial
  918. To lower one’s standards
  919. A sip of…
  920. A bite of…
  921. To repair damage
  922. A giant+NOUN
  923. To be critical of…
  924. To go to bed
  925. To get up in the morning
  926. The answer to (a question)
  927. To promise to+INF
  928. On display
  929. The meaning of smth.
  930. To be mean to smb.
  931. To treat smb with kindness/cruelty
  932. To give an explanation (of)
  933. To owe smb a favor
  934. To lock one’s self out (of)
  935. For the love of
  936. To go in the direction of
  937. It’s your turn!
  938. To get rid of smth.
  939. To deprive smb of smth.
  940. To beg for forgiveness
  941. To keep quiet
  942. To be upset about smth.
  943. To play in a band
  944. The/an opportunity to…
  945. To interact with…
  946. To inform smb about…
  947. To be allowed to+INF
  948. To be eager to+INF
  949. To eagerly await smth.
  950. To do nothing but…
  951. To have good/bad social skills
  952. To be knowledgeable about…
  953. To be skilled at…
  954. To take smb hostage
  955. A day off work
  956. To sign up for smth.
  957. To make fun of smth.
  958. To run out of time
  959. Time is running out
  960. To be available for…
  961. To make comments about
  962. In/out of context
  963. To make up for lost time
  964. It’s nice to….for a change…
  965. A change of scenery
  966. To lose one’s train of thought
  967. The majority of…
  968. To make up for lost time
  969. To have good/bad intentions
  970. To culminate in+NOUN
  971. To have (no) patience for
  972. To suffer from
  973. To kick/punch smb in the…(body part)
  974. To drop smb off at…
  975. In the wild
  976. Instead of+gerund
  977. To apologize for…
  978. For the duration of…
  979. To talk on the phone (with smb.)
  980. To be angry with smb.
  981. In good/bad taste
  982. To have good taste (in)
  983. To say smth without thinking
  984. …without giving a thought to…
  985. To think smth through
  986. To react to smth/smb.
  987. On one’s knees
  988. On foot
  989. In good/bad health
  990. To go barefoot
  991. A sense of decency
  992. It is a sign that…
  993. To be opposed to…
  994. Back then,…
  995. In a nutshell,…
  996. To lay down one’s life (for)
  997. To be plagued by guilt
  998. To be a metaphor for…
  999. To climb trees
  1000. To climb up a (specific) tree
  1001. Land/sea/forest-dwelling animal
  1002. To jump off a building/bridge
  1003. To go to a meeting
  1004. In a war zone
  1005. The height of smth.
  1006. The width of smth.
  1007. The length of smth.
  1008. X+measurement+high/
  1009. wide/long
  1010. At the height of+NOUN (an empire/an age/etc)
  1011. What color is…?
  1012. As punishment
  1013. To spend money on…
  1014. To have the potential to/for…
  1015. To wreak havoc on…
  1016. To come up with/devise a plan
  1017. To lift weights
  1018. To share smth with smb.
  1019. At all/not at all
  1020. To suffer the consequences (for)
  1021. Of X heritage (e.g. Scottish)
  1022. To be honest with one’s self
  1023. To step outside for some fresh air
  1024. To follow one’s instincts
  1025. To devote one’s self to…
  1026. To step aside
  1027. To dampen smb’s spirits
  1028. To make a/the prediction that…
  1029. To spend one’s life doing smth.
  1030. On the verge of+gerund
  1031. The thing is,…
  1032. It depends on…
  1033. To look forward to…
  1034. At the thought of…
  1035. To pride one’s self in/on…
  1036. To lose consciousness
  1037. To knock smb unconscious
  1038. To lead a (ADJ) life
  1039. To flip a coin (for)
  1040. To roll the dice (for)
  1041. To proceed with caution
  1042. A stack/pile of…
  1043. A deck of cards
  1044. To play cards
  1045. At will
  1046. At random
  1047. On command
  1048. At a loss
  1049. In a state of…
  1050. In crisis
  1051. To perform surgery
  1052. To perform a play
  1053. A work of art
  1054. To go on a rampage
  1055. To throw a party
  1056. To throw a temper tantrum
  1057. I welcome the opportunity to…
  1058. To accept a/the challenge
  1059. A set of…
  1060. To play pool
  1061. To play chess
  1062. To play darts
  1063. To play X-ball
  1064. To swim laps (in pool)
  1065. A jack of all trades
  1066. By profession
  1067. To lend one’s support to
  1068. To plan on+gerund
  1069. To smell like…
  1070. From now on,…
  1071. To get straight to the point (of)
  1072. To lose focus (of)
  1073. The main idea (of)
  1074. To recommend smth to smb.
  1075. To keep on schedule
  1076. To gain/lose weight
  1077. To have a preference for
  1078. I would rather….
  1079. To dress up as…
  1080. To win a prize
  1081. To get exercise
  1082. To make a connection between
  1083. To mix 2 things together
  1084. Of special interest (to)
  1085. To bring smth to a boil
  1086. To have an air of+QUALITY
  1087. A wad/clump of…
  1088. Resulting in+EFFECT
  1089. To set sail (on)
  1090. The high seas
  1091. To force smb to+INF
  1092. To be suspected of+gerund
  1093. To catch smb off guard (at/while)
  1094. In hindsight
  1095. Well-disciplined
  1096. To have no discipline
  1097. In slow motion
  1098. To be kicked out of/expelled from…
  1099. To get fired (from)
  1100. To be open/closed-minded
  1101. To be disappointed by…
  1102. To take smth at face value
  1103. From what I can tell,…
  1104. To be caught in a vicious circle
  1105. To pollute the environment
  1106. To contribute to smth.
  1107. What kind of…is X?
  1108. In/out of tune
  1109. To sing off key
  1110. To apply for a job
  1111. A positive/negative environment
  1112. To be considerate/act considerately toward…
  1113. To care about smth.
  1114. The way of the world
  1115. To play an instrument
  1116. To strum on…
  1117. To have talent (for)
  1118. To be mindful of…
  1119. To make a transition to…
  1120. To invite smb to…
  1121. To get a flat tire
  1122. To have a spare/extra+NOUN
  1123. To step on the accelerator/gas
  1124. To step on the brakes
  1125. To fall victim to…
  1126. To watch a movie
  1127. To look after (children)
  1128. To mow the lawn/grass
  1129. To set smth apart from smth else
  1130. To find a replacement for…
  1131. To stand in for smb.
  1132. To have down-time
  1133. To pass out while/in the middle of…
  1134. To stay awake for smth
  1135. To have unintended consequences
  1136. In advance (of)
  1137. Over time,…
  1138. In/with regards to smth.
  1139. To reduce smth to smth.
  1140. To turn smth into smth (else)
  1141. To hold on to…
  1142. To receive preferential treatment (for)
  1143. That’s (not) my first choice
  1144. Lend me your ear!
  1145. It will only take a moment/minute/second
  1146. In the scheme of things,…
  1147. To scheme/plot to do smth.
  1148. To keep smth as a pet
  1149. To prevent fires
  1150. To put out a fire
  1151. To keep/prevent smth from happening (to)
  1152. To happen to smb.
  1153. The moral of the story is…
  1154. To make/lose a bet
  1155. To declare war
  1156. To go to church
  1157. To go to war

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