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LearnEnglishBest / Рассказы, статьи / Is It Worth Relying On Our Intuition? - Стоит ли верить нашей интуиции?

Топик Is It Worth Relying On Our Intuition? - Стоит ли верить нашей интуиции?

People often use their judgment - the ability to make decisions that are based on careful consideration of facts, principles, etc. We often make plans and analyze the situation before doing something. As the English proverb says, 'Measure thrice and cut once'. But sometimes we make right decisions and good choices without logical reasoning or learned skill. Such power of understanding is called intuition. Intuition has been the subject of study in psychology, as well as a topic of interest in the supernatural. 'Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding'.

Students, doctors, housewives, teachers, plumbers and stockbrokers all use intuitive judgment. Everyone does. Minor or major decisions are often made based on instinct and feeling, even when the reason for the feeling is unclear. Intuition is a natural faculty which everybody has. But not everybody recognizes and trusts his intuitive information.

Intuition is very close to insight - a sudden, clear, but not always complete understanding. Intuition and insight are important elements in creativity, the human response to an ever changing environment. Both insight and intuition are in the realm of the unconscious.

Some people don't believe that it is worth relying on intuition. They think that it is eccentric and irrational, but sometimes our inner voice is an excellent guide. Even Einstein arrived at his biggest contribution through intuition. The famous scientist said that 'the only real valuable thing is intuition'. Of course, there are many situations where analysis and rationality are superior to intuition. Intuition may not be helpful in determining another's personality. The situation may not give the observer an opportunity to see the traits that would indicate the personality. But there are many situations when our intuition can help us find the right answer to the most complicated question.

We sometimes have an impulse that we should or shouldn't do something. For example, our intuition silently prompts us that it is better not to trust a particular person or not to go to some place. And these sudden decisions that are difficult to explain turn out to be the best ones. We may feel very enthusiastic about some project, without really knowing why. Or we may be sure that our plans are going to fail but we don't understand the reason for our apprehensions.

There are some cases when intuition saves people's lives. For example a person is to go on a business trip. But suddenly he begins feeling some inexplicable fear and discomfort and makes up his mind to buy a railway ticket instead of going by plane. And later he finds out that the plane he was to fly by has crashed. At the same time we shouldn't confuse intuition with emotions, fantasies and prejudices. Not every spontaneous emotion can be interpreted as intuition.

Some scientists say that it is possible to develop intuition. We need to exercise and educate it. It is very important to become more conscious of our intuition and how it operates and to analyze the situations when it helped us. Making mistakes and learning from them is also essential to developing your sixth sense. The guiding role of intuition should not be ignored or underestimated. It helps us pattern our behaviour and make right decisions in uncertain situations and unknown areas.

Is It Worth Relying On Our Intuition Стоит ли верить нашей интуиции

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