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LearnEnglishBest / Для самых маленьких / Funny Riddles in English - Веселые загадки на английском языке

  1. What often falls and never gets hurt? (snow - снег)
  2. It is your parents' child. It is not your brother. It is not your sister. Who is it? (I - Я)
  3. When I eat I live, but when I drink I die. What am I? (fire - огонь)
  4. What is that above your head but under your cap? (your hair - ваши волосы)
  5. How many eggs can the giant eat on an empty stomach? (one - одно)
  6. In what month do children talk the least? (in February - в феврале)
  7. When do horses have eight legs? (when there are two of them - когда их двое)
  8. What is white when it's dirty and black when it's clean? (a blackboard - черная доска)
  1. Where do the world's finest oranges grow? (on trees - на деревьях)
  2. What is there in your house that you must look into? (a mirror- зеркало)
  3. Should you stir your tea with your left hand or your right hand? (use a spoon - используя ложку)
  4. What goes up when the rain comes down? (an umbrella - зонт)
  5. A little old woman with twelve children: some short, some long, some cold, some warm. What is it? (a year - год)
  6. What has two arms and four legs? (an armchair - кресло)
  7. What man cannot live inside the house? (a snowman - снежный человек)
  8. What runs but never walks? (a river - река)
  9. The doors are open in the morning but shut at night. If you look into them, you'll see yourself inside. (eyes - глаза)
  10. What kind of teeth cannot bite? (the teeth of a comb - зубья расчески)
  11. Clean, but not water. White but not snow. Sweet but not honey. What is it? (milk - молоко)
  12. Four legs but not an animal. (bed - кровать)
  13. What can you hear but not see? (wind - ветер)
  14. There is a question to which we cannot answer "yes". What question is it? (Are you sleeping? - Ты спишь?)

Funny Riddles in English - Веселые загадки на английском языке

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