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LearnEnglishBest / Рассказы, статьи / Buckingham Palace - Букингемский Дворец

Buckingham Palace - Букингемский Дворец

Buckingham Palace is located in the heart of London. It is the place where the Queen lives. It also serves as a place for administrative work and official receptions. When the Queen is at home, Londoners and visitors to the capital can see the Royal standard flying over Buckingham Palace. British monarchs have lived in Buckingham Palace since 1837 when Queen Victoria moved there.

The interior of the Palace contains more than seven hundred rooms. It has the Queen's Gallery, a cinema, a swimming pool, a post office and a police station.

About four hundred people work in Buckingham Palace. They are chefs, cleaners, drivers and gardeners. There is special staff that looks after the three hundred clocks, expensive pictures and statues in the palace.

Buckingham Palace's garden covers 40 acres. There is a helicopter landing area, a lake, and a tennis court in the garden.  It is home to 30 different species of birds and more than 350 different wild flowers, some of which are extremely rare.

The palace is guarded by four divisions of Foot Guards wearing a special uniform of red jackets and black hats. The morning ceremony of Changing of the Guard is still very popular with tourists. They enjoy watching the guards marching in front of Buckingham Palace.

Until 1992, the public could only watch the magnificent palace from outside and wonder what was within. Today some of the rooms can be visited during the Queen's annual trip to Scotland in August and September.

1. People of which professions work in Buckingham Palace?
2. When can tourists visit some rooms in Buckingham Palace?
3. How can people learn if the Queen is in London or not?

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